Partner 1. The Catholic University of Louvain / UCL
The Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) is amongst the 20 top-performing Universities in Europe. There are approximately 32,000 students registered in all fields of education and among them, 6.500 are registered in medical school. On the same site, the University Hospital offers 1,000 beds for care in all medical specialities. The hospital specialises in transplantation and all types of transplant are carried out in both adults and infants. UCL is still one of the oldest and largest centres in Europe, having carried out more than 3,800 kidney and 1,800 liver transplants. The integration between research in the field of transplantation and clinical application is therefore optimal.
Principal Investigator: Prof. Pierre Gianello

Partner 2. Glasgow Caledonian University / GCU
Glasgow Caledonian University has become one of the largest universities in Scotland with nearly 17,000 students. The University is made up of three academic schools in the areas of business, health and science and technology. Our schools contain state-of-the-art laboratories and a number of renowned centres of excellence. Research at Glasgow Caledonian is at the heart of our mission statement and fundamental to our research is our belief in the importance of internationally recognized excellence as the basis both for our teaching and for partnerships with end-users in the UK and internationally.
Principal Investigator: Prof. Linda Scobie

Partner 3. AVANTEA Srl / AVT
AVANTEA is a leading SME biotechnology company in the field of livestock assisted reproduction and genetic engineering. It provide services of embryo production of the major livestock species by assisted reproduction techniques, stem cell derivation for cell therapy and banking, production of customized genetically modified large animals by somatic cell cloning, training courses in assisted reproduction and transgenesis. Research and development activities are supported through competitive grants from European and national granting agencies. In the last few years Avantea has participated in several EU funded consortia and in particular to a large collaborative project funded by the EC for the development of pig models suitable for xenotransplantation (“Engineering of the porcine genome for xenotransplantation studies in primates: a step towards clinical application”, acronym Xenome, LSHB-CT-2006 n°037377). These genetically modified pigs are obtained by transfection of fibroblast cell lines with selected vectors carrying the gene of interest and will be the starting point for the current project. 

Principal Investigator: Prof. Cesare Galli

BioTalentum Ltd. is a research company established in 2005. Focus areas of the activities for BIO are animal biotechnologies, including stem cell research, transgenic cellular and animal models for biomedical research, with a special emphasis on in vitro, cell-based assays and models. The company has a mission of research and development and provides technical services for research teams and pharmaceutical industry.
Facilities: BIO possesses the necessary key infrastructure to execute the project, 450sqm laboratory space, key cell culture, imaging and molecular biology equipment, technological know-how. Some additional equipment is necessary to set up a XENOISLET-dedicated GMP-like porcine islet in vitro isolation and culture unit.
Principal Investigator: Prof.  Andras Dinnyes

Partner 5. AVIDIN Ltd / AVD
AVD is a leading SME biotechnology company in the field of implementing genomic tools for drug discovery and diagnostics. The major focus of AVD is to provide its services and products in the segment of pharmaceutical research, in the preclinical phase of analyzing different drug candidates and functional genomics in the field of inflammation, CNS and cancer in Hungary and Europe. The company developed several QRT-PCR reagent kits for the detection of gene expression changes in genes having roles in lipid homeostasis, cancer development and progression. AVD has widespread international scientific and industrial partnerships in drug discovery (medicinal chemistry, screen development, HTS genomics, animal models) (Germany, France, US, Australia). In early 2008 the company made an agreement with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (“NIAID” 6700B Rockledge Drive, Bethesda, Maryland 20892, USA) to develop and test novel anti-Mycobacterium compounds.
Principal Investigator: Prof. Laszlo Puskas





This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 601827